In line with a vision for a creative industry that respects and embraces diversity, we design and realize inclusive educational workshops and seminars addressed both to amateurs and professionals in the cultural sector.

The content, the methodologies and the venues of our educational activities are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Educational activities for mixed groups

Inclusive workshops and seminars on arts and cultural management open to everyone.

In collaboration with professional tutors and instructors we design and deliver workshops and seminars on various topics of the artistic and creative industry, giving high priority to inclusive learning and respect for diversity.

The educational trainings are addressed to anyone sharing a passion for arts regardless of experience level.

Educational activities for professionals

Workshops and seminars for professionals on inclusive and accessible tools,  methodologies and practices

Our educational activities for professionals aim at developing and diffusing the necessary knowledge towards an inclusive and accessible cultural landscape. They are addressed to professionals in audiovisual media and translation, teachers, professionals of the artistic industry and anyone who wishes to enrich their practices with methodologies of inclusion and accessibility.

Designing and delivering a wide range of trainings and seminars on Audio Description, SDH, inclusive education and accessible art production, our goal is to foster the development of human resources capable of contributing to the cultural change we envision.

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