The organisation

liminal is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing equal participation in culture.

Since 2016, it has been actively fostering the transition towards a cultural landscape that embraces human diversity in its entirety. Serving as a platform for dialogue and creative exchange, liminal welcomes a dynamic and diverse community. This community recognizes that unrestricted participation in culture is not only an inalienable human right but also a catalyst for revitalizing artistic practices and enriching the societal significance of art.

Our action

The core pillars of activity for liminal are Education, Accessibility Services, Productions, and Research.


  • Coordinates and implements artistic educational initiatives.
  • Supports and trains cultural professionals, artists, and institutions on accessibility and inclusion matters.
  • Designs and delivers accessibility services.
  • Creates and produces accessible and inclusive artworks and events.
  • Explores and develops innovative solutions that merge accessibility with artistic creation.
  • Actively participates in a broad network of organizations for knowledge and experience exchange at both national and international levels.

liminal has collaborated with the most significant cultural institutions in the country, as well as numerous independent artistic groups. It implements arts education programs consistently targeted at inclusive groups. Leveraging its expertise in accessibility and inclusion issues, liminal conducts training sessions for professionals and human resources in numerous organizations and cultural institutions in Greece and abroad.

hrough its inclusive productions, the organization supports the artistic community and emphasizes pluralism and diversity as core values in the contemporary creative industry.

In continuous communication with the international community through its network of partners, liminal serves as a reference point for Accessibility and Inclusion in Greece. It continually explores new fields, methodologies, and tools that contribute to pluralism and equal access to cultural goods for all.

Our team

Christos Papamichael

Founder – Executive Director

Christos Papamichael   a dramatist and actor, graduate of the Department of Theatre Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and of “Praxis 7” Drama School. He has participated in numerous artistic, educational and collective projects as an artist, coordinator, assistant director, producer and trainer. In 2016, he founded the cultural organization liminal with the aim of applying the concepts of inclusion and accessibility in culture, a topic he researches and develops to this day. In addition to running the organisation, he is also in charge of project management and works as a trainer, producer and consultant for creative accessibility in Greece and Europe.

Despoina Aslanidou

Member of the General Assembly

Portrait of a woman in her 70s with white hair and big brown eyes smiling headlong into the camera.

Despina Aslanidou  is a social worker and special educator. She graduated from Pierce College School of Social Work and received the Diplôme Spécial d’Education pour Enfants Arriérés et Difficiles from the University of Geneva. She has worked at the Special Education Centre “Stoupathio”, was Head of the Pedagogical Department of the Society for the Protection of Spastic People and a member of the teaching staff of the Occupational Therapy Department of TEI Athens. She was a founding member and president of the NGO ARTOGETHER – Art for People with and without Disabilities (formerly VSA Hellas) from 1988 to 2022 and a consultant to the SEO on disability issues (1996 – 1999). She is a member of the Society for the Protection of Spastic People, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece and the SEO. Since 2022 she has been a member of the General Assembly of liminal.

Filareti Papadopoulou

Member of the General Assembly

Filareti Papadopoulou was born in Athens and studied at the School of Library Science at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She worked in libraries of the National Research Foundation and the National Bank of Greece for 20 years. From 1997-2022 she was a member of the Board of Artogether – Art for People with and without Disabilities (former VSA HELLAS). Since 2013 she started to work with contemporary inclusive dance by participating in the inclusive dance workshops of the Onassis Foundation House. In 2017, joining liminal she attended inclusive contemporary dance and acting workshops. In 2020, she undertook with Vassilis Economou by Onassis Cultural Centre to write an article on the performing arts in Greece in collaboration with the British Council UK (available here). She has participated in many contemporary dance performances of the dance group Artogether, liminal as well as Onassis Cultural Centre.

Polina Manolia

Member of the General Assembly – Project Manager

Polina Manolia studied at the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace and at the Universidad de Derecho of Granada, and completed the postgraduate program of the Hellenic Open University, Management of Cultural Units. She has worked in the Cultural Sector of the Comune di Budrio in Italy, in the International Tango Festival of Granada in Spain and in the administration of the Drama School “Athens Conservatoire”. Since 2021 he has been working in the administration and project management of liminal.

Maria Thrasyvoulidi

Accessibility Services Supervisor

Black and white photo of a young girl with innocent brown hair and brown eyes smiling broadly at the camera.

Maria Thrasyvoulidi graduated from the Drama School “ARCHI” in 2011 and from the Department of “Communication and Mass Media” of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2012. Since then, she has been working in theatre and cinema as an actress and a director. Alongside her artistic activity, since 2014, she has worked with several NGOs as a coordinator of educational programs and trainer in promoting social inclusion. For the last five years, she has been working in the Accessibility Services Department of liminal, creating Audio Descriptions and coordinating Touch Tours for people with low visual or blind. In her spare time, she enjoys recording audiobooks for audio libraries across the country.

Marilena Koukouli

Educational Projects Coordinator

Marilena Koukouli studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens and received a Master’s Degree in Cultural Management at Panteion University of Athens. She has worked in numerous cultural organizations such as the Benaki Museum, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and as an Assistant to the Editor in Chief for the print edition of The Art Newspaper Greece. Since 2018, she has worked as a cultural manager at Artogether – Art of People With and Without Disabilities. During the years she has implemented several projects focused on inclusive, participatory community-driven practices, oral and digital history and collaborative processes between art and humanities. She is also a Board Member in the Oral History Association of Greece and a member in the Oral History Group of Athens. Since 2023, she has been working at liminal as Education Projects Coordinator.

Grigoris Stathopoulos

Accessibility Services Supervisor

Grigoris Stathopoulos is a photographer and videographer of music video clips. From 2008 to 2015 he worked as a disability escort and coordinator of volunteer programs and activities at TANDEM NGO, aiming at the inclusion and dignified living of children and young people with disabilities. He has been trained in Audiovisual Translation and since 2018 he has been working at liminal as an Accessibility Services and Tech Support Supervisor in theatre performances, cinema, visual arts etc. with a focus on subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Andreas Plemmenos

Community Liaison

Andreas Plemmenos is a dramatist with a master’s degree in Special Education and author of the book “Yellow Insanity”. He graduated from the National University of Athens in 2021 and since then he has worked as a volunteer in various organizations related to culture. He participated in European Erasmus+ projects on the empowerment of the Deaf community in culture. He also participated in conferences, workshops and speeches as an inspirational speaker on deafness related topics. At liminal, he works as Community Liaison and is responsible for the production and quality control of Accessibility Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

Veronika Demetriou


Veronica Dimitriou is a second year student at the University of Portsmouth in England in the Department of Mass Media and Communication. At liminal, it deals with the creation of videos to promote the organization’s action, as well as with the archiving and processing of the organization’s visual material. She was a volunteer at Pafos 2017 and at CCIF Cyprus which aimed to include all citizens in cultural events and strengthen intercultural communication. He participated in the “European Parliament Ambassador School Programme” in Strasbourg, as the school’s ambassador and took part in an Erasmus+ conference on information and awareness on marine litter.

Androniki Xanthopoulou

Greek Sign Language Interpreter

A woman with straight brown hair and big green eyes smiles warmly at the camera. Dimples are forming on her cheeks.

Androniki Xanthopoulou is a member of the GSL Interpreters Association and President of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI). She works with the National Foundation for the Deaf, the Greek Deaf Federation, and has worked as an interpreter in newscasts and international sports events. Since 2010 she has been working as an interpreter for theatrical performances in Greece and abroad. Since 2016 she has been working with the cultural organization liminal in theatre performances, workshops and events. She speaks English, French, Italian, German and Turkish and has a degree in French Literature.

In 2022, liminal joined forces with Artogether – Art of People with and without Disabilities (formerly VSA Hellas, 1989). The two organizations came together, recognizing their shared vision of equal participation in culture for all. They firmly believe that collaboration and synergy enhance the sustainability, effectiveness, and impact of their initiatives. Now operating as one entity under the legal umbrella of liminal, founding members of Artogether have also assumed roles within the governing bodies of the merged organization.


liminal was founded under the official name liminal – Access to Culture and its legal form is that of a civil non-profit organisation.

Its headquarters are located at 6-8 Theatrou Square, Athens.

You can find the latest amendment of its statutes here.


Women’s matters

Women’s matters

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JAMαρία – The Party!

JAMαρία – The Party!

We transform the explosive atmosphere of spring into a wonderful JAMaria – party on Friday 31 May at 20:00! This JAMaria comes with upbeat moods and bids farewell to the most colorful season of the year with 3 surprise key elements: fancy dressing: wear something fancy that you don’t mind sweating! 💎 a favourite song: send us songs you would like to hear at this wonderful party! 🎶 dancing mood: in our JAMaria’s party it is impossible not to break out! We improvise, we meet, we share space, time and energy freely and exhilaratingly! 💃🏻🕺🏽 Jamaria is here to stay!A jamming session of bodies sharing the space and coexisting through movement and dance without rules!Every month, on a Friday, we invite amateur and professional dancers, with or without disabilities, to jam with us and have a good time! Read More