Ody Icons: more radical than ever!

Ody Icons: more relevant than ever, more radical than ever!


Σε ένα στούντιο τηλεοπτικών ειδήσεων μία γυναίκα με μαύρο φράκο και λευκό πουκάμισο με μακρύ γιακά και μανίκια νοηματίζει δίπλα από έναν νεαρό μελαχρινό άντρα με λευκό κοστούμι. Κάτω από το σακάκι του κόκκινα κρόσια ανεμίζουν στην κίνησή του καθώς ένα παγωμένο χαμόγελο απλώνεται στο πρόσωπό του. Και οι δύο έχουν κόκκινα πετράδια κάτω από τα μάτια που θυμίζουν ματωμένα δάκρυα. Ανάμεσά τους περνά με μπλε γράμματα ο τίτλος Cosmos Island. Στο κάτω μέρος, σε πλαίσιο υποτίτλων είναι γραμμένο "Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Cosmos Island!"


Enjoy the new music video of Ody Icons and travel with them to Cosmos Island! Your iconic tour guide and his ghostly assistants with red tears in their eyes welcome you to a world carefree, safe and excruciatingly simple!… Ody with his burlesque appearances that sizzle with subtle irony meets here the cabaret genre and sarcastic humour of the Tiger Lillies! In Cosmos Island, political figures known for their authoritarian positions are made flesh through the deep fake technique. Mocking the modern culture of TV shows hosting politicians no matter how extreme their views are, showing us a three-dimensional representation of the deaths of innocent people, while in the meantime entertaining us by selling us well-crafted lies, Ody Icons brings us face to face with a far from idyllic reality.

The accessible video is directed by choreographer Charis Koussis and Ody Icon and the Accessibility Services are coordinated by Christos Papamichael. Four female sign language interpreters participate in the video, Androniki Xanthopoulou, Olga Dalekou, Sofia Zagga and Triantafylli-Maria Karagiozi, while the well-known journalist and presenter Natasha Yamali presents the National Anthem of Cosmos Island, just like the journalists of the state TV stations during the dictatorships.



Cosmos Island was written during the period of the first quarantine. I had just moved back to Athens and was living in Metaxourgeio at the time. In the evenings when there was house confinement, when I was walking my dog I would mostly meet drug addicts. People would throw hot water at them from the balconies to get them out of the neighborhood and then the police would chase them down the alleys. On the TV there were announcements, statistics, deaths. While across the small window of the room I was renting I could see the sign of a closed hotel called the Cosmos Hotel. It had a bar on the back side called Cosmos Island Cafeteria. So returning to my piano, the hotel and the reality were connected in my mind. That’s how Cosmos Island was written overnight.

Ody Icons


Ody Icons: more accessible than ever!

Κορίτσια και αγόρια με ρούχα σε έντονα χρώματα έχουν τα χέρια σηκωμένα ψηλά σα να εκτελούν όλα μαζί μια χορογραφία. Με μαύρα γράμματα ο τίτλος Working out my little muscles.Ody Icons are among the artists who are in constant search for tools and methods that can make access to cultural goods equal for all. In each of our collaborations, we go deeper and deeper and the accessible result we present to the public is ever more enjoyable!

We met Ody Icons in 2017, through Supermelancholic, a cover of Foivos’ well-known greek song I will become melancholic, with which he introduced us to his sarcastic and dark universe. In December 2020, in collaboration with liminal they released their debut track-manifesto Working Out My Little Muscles. The video was made accessible to the deaf and/or hard of hearing through interpretation and subtitling. Σε ένα σχεδόν σεληνιακό βραχώδες τοπίο με έντονα τα φώτα των αστεριών στον ουρανό, σε ένα κυκλικό πλαίσιο στο κέντρο ένας άντρας με κοσμήματα κάτω από τα μάτια σαν δάκρυα κοιτά χαμηλά. Φορά κοντό γαλάζιο σακάκι πάνω από τον γυμνό του κορμό, χρυσά λεπτά κολιέ και δαχτυλίδια και ένα μπεζ παντελόνι. Πάνω αριστερά με καλλιγραφικά πορτοκαλί γράμματα αναγράφεται Ody Icons και στο κάτω μέρος με έντονα μπεζ Drama EP.Since then, we have maintained a solid partnership by making all of his music videos and shows accessible. In April 2022, the EP album drama produced by Fotis ingie Papatheodorou and the homonymous ten-minute film drama, directed by choreographer Charis Koussiou, were released, accompanying the three songs of the album. Drama was then launched accessible to blind people, making it the first universally accessible music video in Greece.

Cosmos Island is the second single from Ody Icons’ upcoming album POLYDRAMA, which will be released in October 2023. It is an entirely different piece of work compared to the first single that was released in May titled Sóse, both produced by Fotis ingie Papatheodorou and ody icons.


Ody Icons: sharper than ever!

♪ Simple rules simple life
Simple jobs simple minds
Simple nature simple time
Simple love simple money

Simple work from home it’s fun
Simple only walk don’t run
Simple dogs simple cats
Simple animals behind the bars ♪

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Accessibility – Credits

Sign Language Interpretation: Androniki Xanthopoulou, Olga Dalekou, Sofia Zagga, Triantafilli-Maria Karagiozi
Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing: Gregory Stathopoulos
Accessibility Co-ordinator: Christos Papamichael
Accessibility: liminal