Theater workshop: What do you do?

With Lito Triantafyllidou

liminal invites people, with disabilities or not, to participate in a theater workshop focusing on accessible dramatic techniques, and aiming at co-developing new theatrical texts.


Με τι ασχολείσαι; Κίτρινη αφίσα. Στην μέση, σκίτσο με μαύρο περίγραμμα: ένα βάζο με 4 λουλούδια σε σχήμα λάμπας. Τίτλος στο πάνω μέρος: Εργαστήριο Δραματουργίας Με τι ασχολείσαι; Κάτω αριστερά το λογότυπο της liminal, δεξιά κάτω: λογότυπο MAP και Ευρωπαϊηκής Ένωσης


A group of young dramaturges will collect, investigate and compose stories inspired by the neighborhood of Psirri, where liminal is based, and the people working in this neighborhood. Is the story of our “unknown neighbor” worth becoming Drama? Are the figures of our everyday life suited to become theatrical characters?

The starting point of our research will be the question: What do you do?

The conversation starter between the participating writers and our neighbors will be their professional identity and/or the lack of it. To what extent are we defined by our job? What is our relationship with our work? How does our occupation define our bodies, our time and our dreams?

The workshop will be supported by Theater and Performance Arts Professionals, who will introduce their practices as storytelling devices.


Useful Information

Age of participants: 16+

Location: “Choros” Plateia Theatrou 6, Athens 10552

Structure of the workshop:
1st Part (6 meetings): Collection of Stories. Exploring Dramatic Languages.
2nd Part (6 meetings): Writing Workshop


Σε λευκό φόντο ένα σχήμα κύκλου σε κόκκινο χρώμα έχει σχηματιστεί από πολλαπλές πρόχειρες καμπύλες γραμμές σα σχέδιο με στυλό. Στο κέντρο είναι γραμμένο με έντονα κόκκινα γράμματα η λέξη "MAP" κι από κάτω ο υπότιτλος Moving Action People.


MAP – Moving Action People is supported by Erasmus+ programme KA210-VET – Small scale partnerships in vocational education and training