The exhibition “Alone” with interpretation in GSL

In an old faded color photograph, a hand places a tile in a large mosaic work on the floor.

In the context of the exhibition ALONE by Petros Moris, TAVROS organizes a public programme with a series of events and guided tours of the exhibition. On Thursday 20 June at 19:00, the guided tour of the exhibition by Manto Psarelli will take place with interpretation in Greek sign language by Androniki Xanthopoulou in collaboration with liminal.

A few words about the exhibition Alone

ALONE presents a series of ten sculptures which form part of an origin story. In an abandoned urban playground in Lamia, Petros Moris’ hometown, a mosaic work crafted by his parents caught his interest once tagged by a local graffiti artist with the word: Alone. Moris extracted this ‘ready-made’ from public space, fascinated by the complexity of its inadvertently communal workmanship, labour and authorship. Through the anonymous gesture of tagging and Moris’ own appropriation, the mosaic transforms into what the artist calls an ‘assembled cultural artefact’.

ALONE is then a parable on provenance, asking:

What matter are we made of? Who shapes our identities? What flows and fluxes of information do we contain? Which soil, earth, urban detritus are we derived from?

Useful information

What: Interpretation in the GSL at the exhibition ALONE Where: tavros, Anaxagora 33 (1st floor), 17778, Tavros When: Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 19:00

Credits Artist: Petros Moris Curator: Maria – Thalia Carras Production & project manager: Manto Psarelli Interpretation in the Greek Sign Language: Androniki Xanthopoulou

More information about the exhibition you can find here. Learn about the programming and the upcoming guided tours here.