Sόse – new accessible song by Ody Icons

Ody Icons continue their musical course by fusing lyrics with socio-political concerns and music influences that connect the east with the baroque.


In their first album entitled POLYDRAMA, which will be released in the coming months, we find tracks that reveal the materials from which tears are made and turn on the lights in the secret rooms of our most intimate confessions. One of the songs that invite us to get to know their personal aesthetic identity is Sόse.

Sóse, produced by Fotis Ingie Papatheodorou and with the participation of the musician Giorgos Dousos on clarinet, was choreographed by Haris Koushos, creating a video full of visual shots that radiate eroticism, a Byzantine mysticism and death, directed by Giorgos Margaris and edited by Alexandros Papathanasopoulos. Sose’s video clip is released with ENGL interpretation and subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people by liminal and you can enjoy it here:

Harry Koushos was awarded for the video of Sόse at the Euro Music Video Song Festival 2024 with the Best LGBT Music Video Award!

Sόse – Lyrics

Psychosomatic disorders make me feel so unsafe
Psychosomatic disorders make me feel so much pain
Psychosomatic disorders something is calling my name
Shit I’ve been carrying in my mind so deep that drive me insane

Will I survive this time of violence?
Will I survive this time?

Psychosomatic symptoms
My mind and my memories they scream, dream!
My muscles feel like they are freezing
My body is burning from heat.

Will I survive this time of sorrow?
Will I survive this time of anger?
Will I survive this time of violence?
Will I survive this time?

Σώσε μου το νου
Σώσε μου το σώμα
Σώσε μου το νού
Βγάλε με απ’τό χώμα

Sóse mou to nou
Sóse mou to sóma
Sóse mou to nou
Vgále me ap’to hóma


Song written by ody icon

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Fotis ingie Papatheodorou
Co-produced by ody icon
Clarinet: Giorgos Doussos
Guitars: Fotis ingie Papatheodorou
Piano: ody icon
Recorded at Fly in a Jar studio

Video directed & choreographed by Harry Koushos
Special Guest: Dimitra Chatoupi

Conceived & Written by ody icon & Harry Koushos
Direction of Photography: Giorgos Margaris
Styling & Set Design: Marios Rammos
Production Manager: Periandros Alexoulis
Assistant Production: Alkiviadis Petropoulos
Make-Up Art: Niki Ovakoglou
Hair: Andriani Eva Matheou
Dimitra’s Chatoupi hair and make-up was created by Manos Kamakaris
Editing: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos
Color Grading: Dimitris Karteris

Performers: ody icon, Angelika Noea, Aliki Andriomenou, Ermis Kyrinis, Anastasis Marakis

Assistant Styling: Thalia Sakali
Assistant MuA: Kristina Bykova
Equipment: DK Rental House
Backstage photos: Mairy Leonardou
Catering: Stoa Kerameikos

Accessibility by liminal: https://liminal.eu
SDH Subtitles: Grigoris Stathopoulos, Kerasia Michalopoulou
International Sign Language: Eugenia Vaia Galani

Special thanks to Marilena Kalaitzandonaki, Christos Papamichael, Antonis Hadjiantonis, Giorgos Amaratos Pikrakis, Dilos School of Acting, Gogo Delogianni

Ody Icons on Polydrama

“This is a musical imprint of my journey through the various rooms of my human experience so far. It’s intense, it’s overwhelming, it’s sad and playful, political and emotional. It is a variety of elements that make up my fragility, my essence, my strength. I am this journey; this journey is me. It is long, it is multiple, it is plural, it is maximal. I have passed through dark rooms and bright rooftops to return and put the notes on my piano with honesty.
Please visit POLYDRAMA in the same way you would visit your soul: gently but thoroughly, with care and bravery.”