Klikable at Panteion University

Colour poster. At the top, two merging hands become the nest of a camera lens as a third hand above embraces it with its fingertips. Below it reads Klickable, The Panteion with eyes closed, photography lab. Tuesday 18 June 2024 10-1 am. Amelib Accessibility Office, Library and Information Centre, Panteion University. Pre-booking is required for participation.
There are four logos at the bottom, from left to right, the Library and Information Centre logo, a spiral badge of the Library, the Amelib logo and at the far right the liminal logo.

The AMELib Accessibility Office, the Panteion University Library & Information Centre and liminal organise the Klikable project, an inclusive photography workshop on the topic “Panteion with closed eyes”, on Tuesday 18 June, at Panteion University for its students.

Using the art of photography as a medium to help people preserve memories, socialize, and express their creativity, and taking into account Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of UNESCO, which states, “Everyone has the right to participate freely in the intellectual life of the community, to enjoy the fine arts, and to share in its scientific progress and its benefits,” we will explore and visually and experientially capture the spaces of the university where students with visual disabilities interact.

How Klikable works

Using adapted photography techniques, practicing the method of “blindfold photography”, activating other senses such as hearing, touch and smell, we will discover how art can provide feedback on the environment we move in.

The Klikable educational project is addressed to people with or without visual disabilities. It includes theoretical training in the technique of Blindfold photography and practice in the outdoor and indoor areas of the university using a digital camera or the camera of their mobile phone.

Additional objectives of the Klikable project at Panteion

  • the introduction to photography techniques for people with visual disabilities and their empowerment with skills that enhance their expressive means.
  • raising awareness on issues of inclusion in art through an experiential educational process
  • the strengthening of cooperation between students with or without disabilities
  • raising awareness of physical accessibility issues in the external and internal spaces of the university.

The artistic works produced in the workshop will be presented in the form of an exhibition by the Panteion University Library & Information Centre.

Useful Information

📆 Day: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

⏰ Time: 10:00-13:00 pm (3 hours with short intermissions)

📍 Space: Library & Information Centre – Panteion University

✏️ If you are a student of Panteion University and you are interested in participating in Klikable project, fill in this application form.