JAMαρία – The Party!

Human figures dancing vigorously in a large space. The photo appears to have been taken in front of a broken window as cracks appear from side to side in the image. The image has been coated with a dark purple filter that makes the dancing people only distinguishable by their outlines and the intense expressions on their faces. In the middle is written "JAMaria - The Party!" in large white letters and at the bottom in finer characters "Friday 31-05-2024, 20:00 - 22:00, Open Jam for all - Free entry.

We transform the explosive atmosphere of spring into a wonderful JAMaria – party on Friday 31 May at 20:00! This JAMaria comes with upbeat moods and bids farewell to the most colorful season of the year with 3 surprise key elements:

  • fancy dressing: wear something fancy that you don’t mind sweating! 💎
  • a favourite song: send us songs you would like to hear at this wonderful party! 🎶
  • dancing mood: in our JAMaria’s party it is impossible not to break out! We improvise, we meet, we share space, time and energy freely and exhilaratingly! 💃🏻🕺🏽

Jamaria is here to stay!
A jamming session of bodies sharing the space and coexisting through movement and dance without rules!
Every month, on a Friday, we invite amateur and professional dancers, with or without disabilities, to jam with us and have a good time!

JAMaria – The party INFO

We are waiting for you on Friday 31 May at 20:00 at our Space, for the jamming that has become a trend! ✨❗ 👉 In our last JAMaria for this year, we will have a party and we want to see your favorite outfits and listen to your favorite songs! Send us your preferences at [email protected]. Admission is free, no pre-booking required. Free contribution to cover venue and coordination costs.

Do not miss it!…