with Marilena Petridou

liminal invites disabled and non-disabled people, who are interested in dance, to participate in the Feldenkrais workshop with Marilena Petridou on Saturday 27 May 2023, from 15:00 to 18:00 at Choros.

Μία ξανθιά γυναίκα με ροζ μπλούζα και κάλτσες και ασπρόμαυρο ριγέ κολλάν είναι ξαπλωμένη στο πάτωμα ενός χώρου με γκρι τοίχους και πάτωμα. Κρατά με τα χέρια της τις πατούσες της και έχει τα πόδια της ψηλά σε ένα χαλαρό άνοιγμα με τα γόνατα ελαφρώς λυγισμένα. Μοιάζει να ρολλάρει προς το αριστερό της πλάι και στη φωτογραφία βλέπουμε την πίσω πλευρά τού σώματός της.


Movement and improvisation based on the Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a tool for self-regulation, evolution and creativity. It uses movement as a medium and can go hand in hand with a range of explorations and improvisations as a tool in inclusive dance. People with and without disabilities coexist in this aesthetic-free exploration, seeking the essence of movement and learning. This practice is proposed as a creative “therapeutic” process and recreation. A special way for self-improvement and connection with the body and oneself, and secondarily with the group.

In a 3-hour seminar, we will experience an exciting connection with the Feldenkrais Method, particularly beneficial as a therapeutic and learning approach to disabilities of all kinds. We will learn about its scope and applications and connect this practice, which uses neuroplasticity as its main tool, to everything that concerns us. Movement, contact, awareness activation, dance for all bodies, using as a tool materials resulting from the Awareness Through Movement course.


Σε έναν χώρο με τοίχους και πάτωμα σε αποχρώσεις του γκρι, τρία άτομα με αθλητικά ρούχα είναι ξαπλωμένα στο πάτωμα στο δεξί τους πλάι. Τα γόνατά τους είναι λυγισμένα σχεδόν σε ορθή γωνία και το αριστερό τους χέρι είναι τεντωμένο ψηλά και ανοίγει προς τα πίσω.



  • The programme is open to everyone regardless of social, age, physical, ethnic and linguistic characteristics.
  • The methodology, content and venue are accessible to disabled participants.
  • The courses will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, on the basis of applications received.
  • You will need comfortable and warm clothes and a large towel or blanket.
  • The course takes place without shoes.

Instructor: Marilena Petridou – Dancer, Movement Educator, Certified Feldenkrais practitioner
Maximum number of participants: 12 people
Location: 6 Theatrou Square, Athens, 105 52 (MAP)
Participation fee: 20 euros
Discount for disabled, unemployed, students and persons 65+: 15 euros


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