Dreamy Whispers: Farewell Tour Finale!

We can’t get enough of grooving to their incredible polyphonic covers, but unfortunately, we’ll have only one last chance to do it again! Dreamy Whispers are saying goodbye with a wonderful performance at the open theater of Kolonos on June 30th.

Poster of the last concert of Dreamy Whispers. On a pink background reminiscent of crumpled paper, the faces of the 5 members of Dreamy Whispers in collage as they sing or play a musical instrument. Farewell Tour Finale, Dreamy Whispers & friends is written on the top in white characters while below in black letters it is written: guests Jerome Kaluta, Giannis Niarros, Dimitris Makalias, Antigoni Psychrami, Idra Kayne, ody icons and Kolonos Theatre, Sunday 30 June at 20:30.  At the bottom of the poster, the logo of Dreamy Whispers, liminal and the pre-sale of more.com.

This final concert by Dreamy Whispers will be accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals through interpretation in Greek Sign Language and captioning by liminal. The proceeds will be used to support the organization’s new inclusive music project aimed at people with and without disabilities.

In an open space at dusk, three men and two women dressed in summer clothes in pastel shades share a musical stage. Some sing in front of microphones, others play musical instruments like guitar and bass, and everyone looks cheerful and smiling.

Dreamy Whispers

Dreamy Whispers is the polyphonic acoustic group that has taken the concept of “cover” to another level.

The polyphonic acoustic group Dreamy Whispers, after a long journey in the Greek music scene, has decided to give one final concert before disbanding. Five skilled musicians, armed with their voices and basic equipment (a guitar, a bass, and occasionally some percussion), reimagine beloved disco, rock, and pop songs, presenting their own groovy versions. Their experiments have resulted in live session recordings and video shoots of songs by Michael Jackson, Sia, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Ace of Base, and many, many others, in bars, parks, homes, and alleyways!

Get a taste of their mesmerizing sound in this wonderful cover of Sia's "Chandelier"!

Dreamy Whispers & friends: accessible!

Joining them on stage for their last concert will be beloved guest artists, musician friends and actors who will accompany the band in unique covers and original performances, energizing the audience. With them will appear: Jerome Kalouta, Yannis Niarchos, Antigoni Psychrami, Dimitris Makalias, Idra Kayne and ody icons.

Always socially aware, Dreamy Whispers innovate and choose their latest concert to be accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through interpretation in Greek Sign Language and Surtitling. The production of the event and the creation of the Accessibility Services is being undertaken by the non-profit cultural organisation liminal. Proceeds will be used to support the organisation’s new inclusive music project aimed at people with and without disabilities.

With this last concert Dreamy Whispers want to bid farewell to the Athenian audience with a powerful message: art has the power to unite people.

On a music stage decorated with fake palm trees, five members of a band sing together on microphones. Their retro clothing, the soft warm lighting and the walls of the venue painted in a warm brick red give the feeling that the musical group comes from another era.


Musicians: Irini Psychrami, Eugenia Liakou, Fotis Papatheodorou, Dimitris Drosos, Apostolis Psychramis Guests: Jerome Kaluta, Yannis Niarros, Antigoni Psychrami, Dimitris Makalias, Idra Kayne and ody icons Interpreting in the G.S.L.: Olga Dalekou, Andreas Plemmenos, Androniki Xanthopoulou Surtitling for deaf and hard of hearing people (SDH): Grigoris Stathopoulos Sound desing: Manos Georgakopoulos Production Management: Christos Papamichael Production – Accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: www.liminal.eu

Poster design: Design Creep

Useful information

What: Dreamy Whispers & friends LIVE – accessible concert for persons with hearing disability When: Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 20:30 Where: Kolonos theater (map) Tickets: At the theatre box office and at: more.com

Ticket price: 10 euros Tickets: At the theater’s box office and at: more.com

logo of dreamy whispers. Fuchsia lines form a pentagram on the diagonal. In black thin letters is written dreamy whispers. The D and W at the beginning of the words are written in calligraphy and refer to the F clef and the musical symbol of the quarter rest respectively.