Corporeal Communities – The Workshops

4 two-day research workshops of mixed composition groups, for the creation of a multimodal kinetic and choreographic score with physicalities, places and communities that have different access to contemporary forms of dance and writing, using the body/word Performance Writing methodology of Christos Polymenakos.

Σε μια παραλία με άμμο και πέτρες πάνω σε έναν ξεβρασμένο λεπτό ξύλινο κορμό έχουν χαραχτεί οι λέξεις Body Word. Η σκια μιας ανθρώπινης μορφής με τεντωμένα χέρια ψηλά διαγράφεται στην άμμο από πάνω του.


What are the Corporeal Communities?

We explore how different physicalities, places, and communities can enrich contemporary dance and writing by delving into the bodily experiences that shape our identities, expressions, and interactions. We examine the roles that various locations and environments play in these processes. Our aim is to enhance accessibility to dance and literature for communities that face limitations in access, participation, experience, and expression for various reasons. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary to participate.

During the workshops, we collaboratively create movement scripts (scores) that reflect our personal stories, memories, and desires. We document our experiments and the questions that arise from them. There is no absolute right or wrong approach; instead, we use whatever materials and mediums best suit our experiences and the narratives we wish to convey. The workshops culminate in the completion of an online research questionnaire. Throughout the process, we employ body/word Performance Writing, a contemporary interdisciplinary methodology rooted in trust and mutual care.


Corporeal Communities – The Workshops

In the framework of the interdisciplinary research “Corporeal Communities”, in April and May 2024, Christos Polymenakos, Iliana Fylla and Thalia Ditsa design and coordinate four workshops in four different spaces for groups with different characteristics:

Group of participants aged 18-108, with a special invitation extended to those 50+ 
📅 Wednesday 24 and Friday 26 of April, 11:00-14:30,
📍 Kinitiras Lab, Neos Kosmos, ΣSyggrou – Fix station
👉 Entries until Wednesday 17 April, 20:00: [email protected]
Final date for completing and sending the research questionnaire is Friday 17 May.

Group of people with and without mobility difficulties and disabilities
📅 Thursday 25 April, 16:00-20:00 and Saturday 27 of April, 12:00-16:00,
📍 liminal, 6 Theatrou Square, Athens.
👉 Entries until Wednesday 17 of April, 20:00: [email protected]
Final date for completing and sending the research questionnaire is Saturday 18th of May.

Group with varying relationships to contemporary dance and literature
📅 Wednesday 24 April, 18:00-21:30,
📍 Rehearsal and Classes Area “Kypselis 94”, 94 Kypselis Street, Kypseli
📅 Sunday 28 April, 11:30-15:00,
📍 Studio Trajectory, 49 Notara Street, Exarchia.
👉 Entries until Wednesday 17 April, 20:00: [email protected]
Final date for completing and sending the research questionnaire, Sunday 19 May.

Group of people living temporarily or permanently in places with limited access to contemporary dance and literature workshops in Greek📅 Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May, 15:00 – 18:30,
📍 TWIXTLab and Nicosia Dance House online platforms.
Entries until Wednesday 15 May, 20:00: [email protected]
Final date for completing and sending the research questionnaire, Sunday 16 June.


Useful information for your participation

Participation is binding for the full duration of each workshop (2 days) and is concluded with the online completion of a research questionnaire within a maximum of 3 weeks after the end of each workshop. It’s essential for both you and us to have a complete experience.
The physical spaces are ground floor and accessible. The rehearsal and classroom space “Hive 94” is on the 3rd floor with an elevator with a door opening of 61 cm.
In order to register, apart from your contact details (name, email, phone number), age group (+/- 50), type of disability or mobility difficulty, we would also need a short text answering the following questions. 2) What is your relationship to any type of writing? 3) What would you expect from such a workshop?
There are no right and wrong answers. Nor are there spellings and definitions. If it makes it easier for you, you can send an audio file or photo of handwritten answers, as long as they are clear enough to read. Your answers will help the research team in planning the workshops.
Some or all of the workshops will be recorded by digital and other means for the purposes of conducting and presenting the research. By registering to participate, you give your consent to the recording and sharing of the recorded material.
The workshops are offered with a free contribution. Depending on the final number of participants, it is possible for you to participate in more than one workshop.
You can read more about the previous steps of the research here.


The research “Corporeal Communities” is carried out in collaboration with TWIXTLab with the support of the Ioannou F. Costopoulou Foundation.
The research is supported by offering venues and communication in the communities: Kinitiras, Artistic Network of Performing Arts, Duncan Dance Study Centre, Dance House Nicosia, liminal, Studio Trajectory, 94 Kypselis Street.