Coldplay: an accessible massive show!

The most anticipated concert of the summer is a fact! Coldplay will perform at the Olympic Stadium on June 8 and 9 and liminal will be there offering Accessibility Services for the D/deaf and Hard of hearing audience to their massive show! Don’t miss it!

The poster of Coldplay's performance in Athens. On the left, a snapshot of the band's concert with Chris Martin jumping in the air and the musicians surrounding him. On the right, details of their Athens shows with a "sold out" note above the announced dates.

After much suspense about the structural adequacy levels of the stadium’s structures, the Olympic Stadium of Athens will finally be able to host the great British band in a concert of huge technical demands. With the venue’s maintenance works running at an unimaginable pace, Coldplay will finally be able to visit Athens. Coldplay is the first international musical act to schedule 2 shows on a single tour in Greece.

In addition, with a commitment to accessibility and inclusion, they offer specific services at every performance that make their concerts an enjoyable musical event for all members of the audience. Contributing to this initiative, liminal will be there providing live interpretation in international and Greek sign language for the audience with hearing disabilities.

In particular, the organisers state:

  • We help make access easier and unhindered for people with visual, hearing and mobility disabilities.
  • There will be a specially designed area in the stadium stands.
  • Deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to feel the vibrations of the music through the Subpacks – electric vests – which will be offered to them free of charge.
  • During the live performance there will be simultaneous interpretation in Greek sign language by liminal.
  • A touch tour will take place before the start of the concert. Blind or visually impaired people will have the opportunity to enjoy a touch tour both on stage and backstage.
  • At one of the most central entrances of the stadium, there will be a specially designed area. A comfortable, quiet room, where anyone who needs it can relax and isolate themselves from sounds and crowds.

Why such a fuss about Coldplay?

Coldplay concerts are unique and not only because of their incredible stage energy. We’ve grown to see so many acts tour the world with different kinds of venue settings. At a point in time, there were 3D stages or floating stages. However, with Coldplay, expect all these and more. When it comes to engaging the minds of their fans, Coldplay went the extra length to make certain of this.

This might include:

  • a “Kinetic Dance Floor” which fans can dance on to generate energy that will be used to power the show. Imagine attending a concert, and then participating in making the earth greener!
  • a terrific fireworks display: this has been a signature event in Coldplay’s concerts.
  • stationary bikes for you to peddle and also generate energy that will be used to power the concert you’re presently in. So if you’re not a good dancer, don’t worry, you can also participate and contribute to making the earth greener through the energy you generate from the stationary bike.
Snapshot from a Coldplay concert where the band members can barely be seen behind thousands of white stripes floating around the venue and crossing the stage from side to side and in all directions.

In Greece, rumors have it that Coldplay will be the first band that will foresee the large-scale use of synchronised fan-hand-bands. Far from the use of phone flashlights, Coldplay uses “PixMob Hand Bands” to connect with their fans. Usually, concertgoers get one. And Coldplay uses a centralised system to sync the bands with their performance.

Sometimes, during “Music of the Spheres World Tour” concerts, Coldplay uses the same centralised system to light up some part of the crowd, creating a heart shape with their bands, whenever they perform, “Human Heart”.

When this happens in Athens, Coldplay will be the first musical act to see the use of “PixMob Hand Bands” on a large scale. They have already been crowned the first to initiate the use of “Xylobands” on a large scale in the world.

Intimacy with their fans

But surely what makes Coldplay unique and unrivalled in their live performances is the level of intimacy they build with their fans. They take time with their audience and show in many ways that it is a great pleasure to be among so many people. Typical unique moments at Coldplay concerts:

  • Fan time: When Coldplay picks a fan from the crowd to join them on stage and perform a song.
  • Setlist alter by fans: It happens, the time when Coldplay performs a song chosen by their fans amidst the concert.
  • Fan verse: The time when Coldplay sings a verse, and allows the crowd to sing the other verse.

These and many more we are looking forward with anticipation to the concert phenomenon of this summer!

Banner with the name of Coldplay written in capital letters in the colors of the iris.