Changeover – The Party!

Images of sunsets on the sea are intertwined in a collage. In white letters in the centre is written Changeover The Party.

“One Sun, many days,” a changeover.

Get ready for a musical celebration at the SNFCC Dome on Sunday 16 June 2024!

On Sunday, June 16, the SNFCC Youth Council goes back to where it all began: the SNFCC Dome. Celebrating the completion of a cycle, which will continue to take on different forms and shapes, the first team of this initiative is organizing the “Changeover,” a concert party featuring sounds from the eastern Mediterranean. 

What the Changeover includes

This musical celebration, that will serve as a transition to something new, will be opened by DJ Alejjos who is well known for the way in which he combines Greek and Cypriot culture with distinctive rhythmic and melodic elements. Then, Ody Icons, a band on the pop spectrum that draws elements and sounds from various different music genres (Eastern, electronic, rock, and folk), will go on stage to stave off the drama. Ody Icons concert will be accessible to D/deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals with a live interpretation at the Greek Sign Language by Androniki Xanthopoulou and Olga Dalekou.

On a music stage, a man with curly black hair, a beard, and a breezy satin printed shirt is singing into a microphone. Behind him, planets and small flashes like stars disappearing into the universal firmament are projected on the wall. The blue low lighting, the two thin strips of transparent gemstones under his eyes like golden tears, and the expression on his face with his eyebrows knitted together and eyelids half-closed as if holding back a sob, create an atmospheric, confessional state on stage.

The evening will conclude with Kobrah Habibi and a polymorphic live-music-and-singing party, dominated by the sounds of contemporary electronic oriental music.

Useful information

What: Changeover – The Party Ody Icons concert will  be accompanied by live interpretation in GSL. When: Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 20:00 Where: Dome, SNFCC Free admission

SNFCC logo. Three thick lines in blue, green and light green intersect to form a white triangle in the centre. On the side in black letters is written Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre.