Diotima and liminal alliance

New project for GBV survivors with sensory disabilities

Liminal and the Diotima Center, with the support of the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe, join forces in a new program designed to raise awareness and to support survivors of gender-based violence with sensory disabilities.

People with sensory disabilities, whose autonomy is not always guaranteed, are excluded from the existing structures and the specialized support they need. In addition to that, this population group and its specific needs are not taken into account in the design and operation of existing structures and services. Therefore, it is particularly difficult to support their escape from abusive relationships and to secure their rights to a life free of any form of gender violence.

Acknowledging this particular gap, this new program pursues a double objective: 

  • To create an accessible campaign in order to raise awareness and provide essential information on gender-based violence issues.  
  • To design inclusive support services for people with sensory disabilities who are at risk or have experienced gender-based violence.


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Through their cooperation, the two organizations try to respond to the challenges related to disability and gender, creating an accessible information and support path from and for people with sensory disabilities to prevent gender-based violence, support survivors and raise awareness within the wider society.


 With the support of The Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe

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